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About Central Perc Coffee

Bag of Fresh Roasted CoffeeCentral Perc is dedicated to the perfect cup of Gourmet, Fresh Roasted , Organic Coffee.

Our Gourmet Coffees are Organically Grown, and delivered within days of Fresh Roasting to your home or businesss.

This gives you the very best coffee experience imaginable. We are also proud to be a certified Fair Trade Licencee.

You can order our coffee through our secure shopping cart online.

Fresh Roasted:

Roasting is the art and science that brings the green coffee beans to life! Central Perc offers you various coffees at various roasts to allow you a rainbow of coffee taste preferences. See our coffee tour to learn more about the different roasts and various roast flavours.

Varied Blends:

We offer you the very best in coffee selection. You can order coffees grown in such exotic locations as New Guinea, Mexico, and Costa Rica, to name a few. Take the Coffee Tour to find out where we get our Gourmet Coffees and what flavours the different locations impart into the coffee beans.

Organically Grown:

Growing numbers of consumers are aware of the harmful effects of pesticides and chemical fertilizers on the environment, their own health and that of the farmers. Consumers are choosing coffee that is organically grown now more than ever.

Fair Trade Licencee:

Did you know that the Canadian Parliament, the Quebec National Assembly and the British Columbia Legislature all serve Fair Trade Coffee? Some coffee farmers have organized themselves into marketing co-ops, and, in partnership with TransFair Canada and Licenced Canadian Companies like Central Perc Coffee get a better price for their coffee. By paying 1 or 2 cents a cup you can make a difference and support farming families in 20 countries.

Delivered to You:

Get your Fresh Roasted Gourmet Organic Coffee delivered to you. Our website allows new customers from all over the globe to experience the Central Perc Coffee difference. We ship you the very best coffees - bean or ground form. Gift Baskets, and accessories are available as well - and be sure to join the New Central Perc Coffee Club!

Secure Server:

We have provided a Secure Order Form that allows you to place orders online, and pay with a Visa Mastercard or American Express card. Rest assured that your Light Tower information will be encripted while en route to our company, and that once your order and information is recieved that it will remain confidential to Central Perc Coffee.

For those who wish to place a order over the phone please see the number listed below.


Fresh Roasted Organic Arabica Coffee from Central Perc Coffee

Prince George, B.C. Canada Phone: 250-552-6065 or Cell: 250-552-3032 or email