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Coffee Varieties by Country

Stan and the World MapAll coffees have a distinctive flavor and can be grouped or categorized by the country of origin.

There are many words to describe coffee flavors....full bodied, herbal, spicy, mellow, snappy....just to name a few.

Whatever your preference, Central Perc will combine the roasting degree and flavor variety that you desire in your ultimate cup of coffee.

Coffee Variety by Country

Papua New Guinea
Herbal notes accent this full flavoured coffee noted for it's long, sweet vanilla-like finish. Papua New Guinea is a well balanced coffee.
Smooth and Mellow with soft chocolate notes makes Peruvian a fantastic dessert beverage or partner in blending. A definite pleasure, Peruvian coffee can be compared to Kenyan or Kona coffees. Fair Trade Coffee Variety
Colombia Classically warm and mellow with a light aroma makes this coffee exceptionally easy to enjoy. Fair Trade Coffee Variety
Costa Rica A snappy, light coffee with soft nutty tones, Costa rican coffee offers a full, rich coffee experience at any roast. Fair Trade Coffee Variety
Nicaragua Bittersweet chocolate undertones highlight this sweetly aromatic cup of medium bodied coffee. Fair Trade Coffee Variety
Guatemala A zesty coffee making a lively cup is great solo or blended. At lighter roasts, Guatemalan crispness is at its most intense as the body is developed at darker roasts. Fair Trade Coffee Variety
Mexico A crisp, light cup possessing a delightful aroma is a favorite at any roast. If you desire a refreshing cup of coffee this is the one for you! Fair Trade Coffee Variety
Our most exotic coffee possessing a spicy aroma, Sumatran Coffee is powerfully full flavoured. The flavour is ideal as a breakfast coffee or for those who love adventure in their coffee experience. Coffee Bean
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe The cream of the crop is Ethiopian Yirgacheffe which is virtually unknown by most people, yet still considered by many to be the finest Ethiopian coffee. This intense feeling coffee enhances the palate with its very distinctive floral bouquet, rich body, a pleasingly fragrant aroma, with a smooth mellowness that's unique unto itself. Fair Trade Coffee Variety
Java Estate Coffee Java Estate Coffee is mild and aromatic, full body with the right combination of aroma, body and a light creamy taste Coffee Bean
Swiss Water Decaf The SWISS WATER® Process is a 100% chemical free coffee decaffeination process that results in great-tasting decaf.  The SWISS WATER® Process uses only water when removing caffeine, producing water processed decaf coffee. Coffee Bean

We hope that you have enjoyed the Coffee Tour, and will truly enjoy and appreciate the distance, the coffee bean's various flavours, and the roasting process that goes into creating every bag of Central Perc Coffee. To have your Fresh Roasted Central Perc Coffee delivered to you shop online for your preferred variety and flavor.

We have a number of custom blends to order. See below for the full list.

Custom Blends by Central Perc Coffee

Tropical Supremo
An aromatic, voluptuous bodied coffee with an intense and rich lingering taste.  A vigorous and well-appreciated blend among our most distinctive clients. Truly a pleasure, to a connoisseur's palette. Fair Trade Coffee
Rainforest Selecto
A wonderful and harmonious blend of well-balanced coffees from shaded plantations in the Central American rain forests. Full-bodied with a subtle chocolaty flavor, and a nice flowery aroma. Rainforest is a pleasing and distinctive experience. Fair Trade Coffee Variety
Mighty Peace Sure to become our house blend and favorite cup for any time of the day.  The intensely bold flavor, well balanced by a smooth bright acidity, do indeed make this a mighty blend. Fair Trade Coffee Variety
Colombia Supremo A blend of an excellent Colombian coffee, with some exotic tropical coffees. Together they have become a rich, full body with a moderate acidity and a slightly nutty taste. Fair Trade Coffee Variety
Mocha Java An extraordinary clean, elegant coffee, sweet and deeply two dimensioned.  Mocha Java has a wonderful dry chocolate flavor with mild acidity, full body and rich aroma. Fair Trade Coffee Variety
Sunrise Light and lively, Sunrise is a blend of high grown Central American coffees.  This blend is a great cup to start or end your day with its fine and gentle body and subtle acidity. Fair Trade Coffee Variety


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