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The Roasting Process

Coffee RoastingRoasting is the art and science that brings the green beans to life...

The process of exposing dry, green coffee beans to heat over a period of time allows for the development and release of wonderful flavours locked inside. How long a bean is roasted will affect the degree to which the flavour is developed or diminished.

The key to our success is offering coffees at various roasts and our knowledge and understanding of the beans. This knowledge lets us expertly assist our customers choosing the bean and roast appropriate to meet their flavour preferences.


Mild, Light or Cinnamon Roasts

The shortest roasting time and tan or "cinnamon" color are two facets of mild roasts. The peak of the flavour characteristics within are developed and released by this roast, preferred by those who would rather experience the essence of coffee flavour than the intensity or sharpness of darker roasts.

Medium, City or American Roasts

Thought to be the best balanced for the development of the body and acidity of coffees, this roast is moderately longer. Beans display rich, brown colors as their flavor charged oils caramelize and release the heart of the coffee characteristics.

Medium, Dark or Full City Roasts

A deep hearty brew without the loss of any oils to the roasting process are characteristics of this custom order roast at Central Perc.

Dark, High or Continental Roasts

A bittersweet tan can be detected with this roast. The aromatic oils are coming to the surface of the bean and dissipating, leaving more body and aroma than acidity in the cup. At Central Perc we believe this is the perfect roast for exquisitely deep brews and espressos alike.

Italian, French and Espresso Roasts

These roasts, known for their characteristic oiliness and blackness, are used by roasters in their offering of espresso coffee. However, since this roast ends just short of burning the bean, most of the desired flavor has left and an unpleasant smoky, bitterness is tasted instead. At Central Perc, we think burning the bean is unjust and prefer to use the rich, dark roasts instead.

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